Stonerheadletgrooveyourbrainstonight /w. Vidunder @Rockhouse – Salzburg (AUT)

17. Juni 2015 Salzburg, AUT


Time : 21:00
Venue : Rock House
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Stonerhead proudly presents

Vidunder (SWE)
Proto Rock/Hard Rock

In 2010 Martin Prim, Jens Rasmussen, Elis Edin Markskog and Johannes Cronquist started the band Abrakadabra in Växjö, Sweden. The band quickly managed to record a few tracks before two of the band members moved to Malmö, Sweden. Due to the distance rehearsing was close to nonexistent with the current line-up, and Martin Prim decided to team up with Linus Larsson and Jonas Sjöqvist to form a new band: Vidunder.

far away town (AT)
Stoner Rock

In 2009, Far Away Town left the past to head into a new age of fuzz as a three-piece.
There unique style as a hybrid of stonerrock, a load of fuzz and, of course, psychedelic parts
is reflecting there influences of several heavy sounds.
Always heading forward, this stonerrock-trio released a demo CD,7″ vinyl split,2 EP’s and a live record. Currently the band is working on their debut full length album, which will be released early next year.
Far Away Town played more than 100 shows so far and did a load of supportshows for no less than brant bjork&the bros, truckfighters, brain police, deville and so on.
Neadless to say, this guys are comin´ up with heavy riffs and desert sound and always headin´ for the real fuzzz.

High Brain (AT)
Heavy Rock/Psych Rock

In autumn 2013 the musicians Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Benedikt Brands, Paul Berghold and Patrick Windischbauer met in Graz. Soon they realised that they were meant to create music together, so they formed High Brian. They live and rehearse in Graz and produce their one of a kind rocking-space-sound all over the Austrian club-scene.

The boys from Stockholm, Hamburg, Graz and Linz spent many days and nights in the glow of lava lamps, weaving their carpet of sound consisting of a lot of Fuzz and Delay, lay, lay… To do so they take their influences from Stoner-, Blues- and Psychedelic-rock and climb into their own, personal time-machine.

With fairytale-like but also sometimes critical lyrics HIGH BRIAN makes sure that their audience is on a straight track to a better world – their world!“

VVK: € 11,00 | AK: € 13,00

Tickets gibts im Army Shop Salzburg, Rockhouse Service Center und ausserhalb der Service Zeiten direkt in der Rockhousebar.